57 Ways to be active all day at home

1 Do yoga

2 Have a dance party

3 Walk your dog

4 Get walking

5 Go for a walk on your lunch break

6 Clean it all up

7 Stretch it out

8 Try a standing desk

9 Break out a jump rope

10 Play with your pet

11 Set goals and make a plan

12 Just keep moving!

13 Dance!

14 Go for a bike ride

15 Check out gonoodle

16 Cook healthy meals at home

17 Send them on a scavenger hunt

18 Walk or run for charity

19 Go on a virtual vacation

20 Team up for gardening

21 Get outside for yard work

22 Exercise outdoors

23 Walk to somebody instead of emailing them

24 Create a carnival

25 Have standing or walking meetings

26 Walk whenever you can

27 Walk all the way to work

28 Stay mentally active

29 Clean your house

30 Track your steps

31 Join a gym

32 Focus on quality, not quantity

33 Stretch out

34 Learn some moves

35 Broom hockey

36 Ditch the chair

37 Sit on an exercise ball

38 See your colleagues in person

39 Take regular breaks

40 Visit a physical therapist

41 Keep exercise equipment nearby

42 Pace while on the phone

43 Dance class

44 Make the most of tv time

45 Get moving with a podcast or audiobook

46 Resistance exercises

47 Sneak in some cardio

48 Laundry squats

49 Stand up while folding laundry

50 Garden on the move

51 Bang it out

52 Workout in bed

53 Work it while you read

54 Walk during calls

55 Feel free to fidget

56 Lunch and lunge

57 Under desk mini pedal machines

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