35 Ways to be kind to others

1 Express gratitude

2 Accept kindness

3 Be kind yourself

4 Be grateful

5 Be compassionate toward others

6 Smile more

7 Donate your talents

8 Make your s

9 Hold the door open for someone

10 Look after yourself

11 Give a stranger a compliment

12 Be happy for others

13 Say thank you

14 Set an example

15 Be polite

16 Get outside

17 Get a reusable water bottle or coffee cup

18 Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter

19 Offer to babysit for someone who needs a break

20 Be aware of others around you

21 Spread kindness that you have received

22 Be understanding – assume the best in others

23 Minimize judgment

24 Make dinner for a family in need

25 Model kind behavior

26 Listen and show interest

27 Recommend someone your favorite book/movie

28 Look for the positive

29 Pay for the person behind you at the drive thru

30 Be nice to your child

31 I love you even when you are angry at me

32 Do unto others

33 Share your music

34 Get involved

35 Take a personal day

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