49 Ways to be at peace with yourself

1 Enjoy nature

2 Focus on gratitude

3 Be true to yourself

4 Listen to soothing sounds

5 Go for a walk

6 Find the peace within

7 Make meditation a part of life

8 Live in the present moment

9 Focus on what you can change

10 Express yourself

11 Stop chasing perfection

12 Take a lesson from nature

13 Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly

14 Play with someone who knows how to have fun

15 Stop dwelling in the past (or future)

16 Forgive them all

17 Ease tension and calm your mind

18 Let go of control

19 Be tolerant

20 Nurture your sense of humor

21 Seek to love, not to control other people

22 Lower your expectations

23 Give up on the urge to control your loved ones

24 Surround yourself with support

25 Heal your past traumas

26 Community

27 Work and play from home

28 Sustainability

29 Recognize the early stages of depression

30 [realize that] distractions can become our greatest challenge

31 Low sense of self-worth

32 Donate toys and books

33 Donate household goods

34 Donate just a little

35 Document donations properly

36 Sell online

37 Take full responsibility for whatever happens in your life

38 Walk away

39 Embrace imperfection

40 Do a good deed

41 Embrace sound

42 Simplify

43 Make sexual wellness a part of your routine

44 Practice compassion

45 Find a relaxation technique that works for you

46 Remember

47 Create goals

48 Focus your attention on those things you can control

49 Admit when ive done wrong

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