45 Ways to be kind to yourself

1 Respect yourself

2 Be kind to yourself

3 Self-care

4 Forgive yourself

5 Be kinder towards others

6 Accept complimentsgracefully

7 Write yourself love letters

8 Ask for help if you need it

9 Make ‘em laugh

10 Look after yourself

11 Be grateful

12 Celebrate your accomplishments

13 Eat mindfully

14 Give yourself the recognition you deserve

15 Being kind to yourself can make you more attractive

16 Practice gratitude toward others

17 Forgive yourself for past mistakes

18 Breathe consciously

19 Stretch it out

20 Spend time in nature

21 Give yourself a hug

22 Take some time to be by yourself

23 Pay it forward, to yourself

24 Give yourself permission to take a break

25 Avoid judgements

26 Find someone to listen

27 Acknowledge the positive

28 Read a new book

29 Learn to let things go

30 Shift your perspective

31 Set healthy boundaries

32 Surround yourself with people who lift you up

33 Speak to yourself like a friend

34 Be more easygoing on the road

35 Practice unconditional kindness

36 Take care of your physical health

37 Nourish and treat yourself

38 Stop any negative thoughts about yourself

39 Surround yourself with like-minded people

40 Reach out to far away loved ones

41 Take a laugh-break

42 Remember, the future is still in your hands

43 Tell someone when you think positively them

44 Say no

45 Choose wisely between what you need and what you want

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