64 Ways to be a better communicator at work

1 Listen carefully

2 Gain clarity

3 Begin with empathy

4 Confidence

5 Body language

6 Question, question, question

7 Be honest and open

8 Learn to listen

9 Pay attention to your body language

10 Ask for and give feedback

11 Listen actively and with empathy

12 Know your audience

13 Communicate more frequently

14 Encourage feedback

15 Notice non-verbal communication

16 Communicate face-to-face whenever possible

17 Ask for clarity

18 Build active listening skills

19 Provide clear information

20 Use the appropriate tone of voice

21 Get his or her undivided attention

22 Let things go

23 Identify & reach out to shy or introverted employees

24 Prepare ahead of time

25 Take full advantage of social media

26 Allow your employees the opportunity to recharge

27 Make it about them

28 Be honest & transparent

29 Avoid discussing controversial topics

30 Think before you speak or act

31 Facilitate conversation

32 Offer an actionable takeaway

33 Be an exceptional listener

34 Get comfortable with virtual communication

35 Become fluent in body language

36 Determine if your partners needs are being met

37 Be fully present

38 Talk with people, not at people

39 Identify your audience

40 Go in with a plan

41 Celebrate achievements and milestones

42 Identify your communication styles

43 Listen more than you speak

44 Be mindful of your own body language

45 Listen more, speak less

46 Master the art of networking

47 Practice authentic communication

48 Personalize your communications

49 Smile

50 Navigate disagreements

51 Ask for what you want and need

52 Meet weekly

53 Notice

54 Try out new tools/software

55 Building trust

56 Use i statements during tough conversations

57 Find the balance between honesty and kindness

58 Put your phone away

59 Replay interactions in a positive light

60 Combine verbal and nonverbal communication

61 Keep practicing

62 Respect

63 Be consistent, but dont repeat yourself too much

64 Use the active voice

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