52 Ways to be the best person you can be

1 Offer kindness proactively

2 Show gratitude

3 Smile

4 Be interested

5 Compliment people

6 Foster forgiveness

7 Show your affection

8 Foster friendship

9 Help others

10 Love yourself again

11 Be kinder to yourself

12 Be yourself

13 Be encouraging

14 Be your authentic self

15 Consider meditation

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17 Smile and laugh

18 Be kind in little ways

19 Become a better listener

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21 Give back to others

22 Pay attention to them

23 Say please and thank you

24 Chat with strangers

25 Be straightforward, honest and deal with situations head on

26 Get regular exercise

27 Give everyone the benefit of the doubt

28 Avoid distractions

29 Give your days some structure

30 Ask someone

31 Embrace integrity– always

32 Accept as many invitations as you can

33 Have three good stories ready to share

34 Display a sense of humor

35 Put someone else on speed dial

36 Dont be afraid to go off-script

37 Express yourself

38 Dont talk badly or gossip about others

39 Stop complaining, giving excuses, blaming others

40 Dig deeper

41 Organize your life

42 Communication

43 Diet

44 Set your goals high

45 Breathe consciously

46 Clean for 30 minutes

47 Forgive yourself and others

48 Engage in self-care

49 Take care when listening to music

50 Pray and/or meditate

51 Go above and beyond

52 Celebrate people

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