23 Ways to be your authentic self

1 Increase self-awareness

2 Examine your doubtsto develop authenticity

3 Remind yourself about who you really are

4 Create the space to hear your inner voice

5 Act, dont react

6 Observe yourself objectively to rekindle authenticity

7 Connect with others

8 Develop the courage to face your fears to rekindle authenticity

9 Honor your feelings

10 Express yourself freely

11 Pay attention to your intuition

12 Tell the truth and make it a habit

13 Take it slow to rekindle your authenticity

14 Love yourself and have compassion for others to rekindle authenticity

15 Examine family belief systems to rekindle authenticity

16 Feel the fear and do it anyway

17 Be deliberate

18 Take a good photo

19 Stop being dishonest

20 Release patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you

21 Make statements and decisions consciously

22 Speak your truth

23 Develop yourself in authentic ways

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