38 Ways to be more resilient

1 Stay connected

2 Take care of yourself

3 Express gratitude

4 Build relationships

5 Nurture a positive view of yourself

6 Forgive

7 Embrace change

8 Teach them to value mistakes

9 Practice kindness

10 Create a support network

11 Confront your fears

12 Build a strong support network

13 Practice mindfulness

14 Be kind to yourself

15 Cultivate your sense of humor

16 Take control of your emotions

17 Tell them you love them

18 Find ways to help others

19 Take care of your health

20 Develop step-by-step goals and take decisive action

21 Find a sense of purpose

22 Be a person of action

23 Make yourself laugh

24 Build strong and trusting relationships

25 Reach out for support

26 Survivor vs victim mentality

27 Reframe skills

28 Keep growing

29 Pick yourself up, as many times as it takes

30 Reward the small wins

31 Keep giving

32 Create your own meaning

33 Gain control over negative thoughts

34 Nurture spirituality and important relationships

35 Avoid seeing crises as insurmountable problems

36 Monitor for mental traps

37 Manage your stress

38 Do yoga

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