27 Ways to be resilient

1 Embrace change

2 Take care of yourself

3 Cultivate compassion

4 Stay connected

5 Practice mindfulness

6 Focus on the positive

7 Stay physically fit

8 Be cognitively flexible

9 Be grateful

10 Establish boundaries

11 Identify and reach out to your support network

12 Self-awareness

13 Find ways to help others

14 Cultivate forgiveness

15 Nurture a positive view of yourself

16 Be a person of action

17 Reframe your negative thoughts

18 Strengthen resilience within individual employees

19 Cultivate your sense of humor

20 Resilient leaders build positive relationships

21 Find your purpose in life

22 Resilient leaders communicate powerfully

23 Be optimistic

24 Create a purpose that inspires during tough times

25 Reframe your mindset

26 Have a moral compass

27 Create a support network

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