64 Ways to be happy with your body

1 Be grateful

2 Forgive yourself

3 Get plenty of sleep

4 Treat yourself

5 Spend time outdoors

6 Laugh at yourself

7 Appreciation (to value it)

8 Exercise

9 Smile

10 Change your perspective

11 Give hugs (to those you know)

12 Practice spirituality

13 Get into nature

14 Make time to take care of your body

15 Give yourself some fun rewards

16 Be open to new friends

17 Move more

18 Evaluate your life

19 Take some deep breaths

20 Accept yourself for who you are

21 Connect with others

22 Help others

23 Practice gratitude for what you have

24 Give a compliment

25 Avoid blame

26 Dance around

27 Exercise regularly

28 Stop comparing yourself to other people

29 Self-assessment

30 Change your focus

31 Get outside and take a daily walk

32 Make the decision to be happier

33 Indulge in a massage

34 Focus on your strengths

35 Make time for meditation

36 Give a stranger a compliment

37 Stop complaining

38 Save money

39 Practice self-care

40 Be involved in preparations for the arrival of your baby

41 Practice gratitude for your body

42 Respect her

43 Buy yourself some flowers

44 Get some sunshine

45 Practice self-love

46 Make the most of the weekend

47 Make time for fun

48 Respect yourself

49 Stop trying to be perfect

50 Make your own happiness a priority

51 Stay grateful

52 Find something at which you excel

53 Take a lot of pictures

54 Call your friends and family more often

55 Search for benefit in your pain

56 Face your problems and make a positive change

57 Pound the pavement

58 Treat yourself like you treat your friends

59 Spice up your sex life

60 Experiment with your hair

61 Find positive meaning in negative events

62 Think positively

63 Consistency

64 Eat with mood in mind

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