38 Ways to be more assertive

1 Show confidence

2 Improve your self-confidence

3 Assertive

4 Monitor your emotions

5 Learn to say no and mean it

6 Practice assertiveness

7 Set your boundaries

8 Respect yourself

9 Value yourself

10 Use appropriate body language

11 Practice, practice, practice

12 Learn about assertiveness techniques

13 Speak clearly and deliberately

14 Use i statements

15 Stick to your boundaries

16 Let go of guilt

17 Express your needs and feelings

18 Fear of negotiating

19 Say no when you think no

20 Have self-awareness

21 Be courageous

22 Identify what your needs are

23 Stay humble and be kind

24 Keep communication succinct and on message

25 Stand up for yourself, i

26 Practise, practise, practise

27 Check out resources on assertiveness

28 Choose your words carefully

29 Realize you have little to lose

30 Mind your body language

31 Remember the vaccine is free

32 Be patient and persistent

33 Look for local advice

34 Harness the power of body language

35 Body posture

36 Facial expression and gestures

37 Voice

38 Timing

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