54 Ways to get out of your comfort zone

1 Face your fears

2 Try new things

3 Change your routine

4 Take baby steps

5 Volunteer for projects

6 Focus on the fun

7 Join toastmasters

8 Step outward

9 Make a snap decision

10 Try new classes

11 Learn from failure

12 Try a new food

13 Take one small step

14 Keep an open mind and be adventurous

15 Thank yourself

16 Take it one step at a time

17 Consider different points of view

18 Face fear

19 Go on a solo trip

20 Go to a fancy restaurant by yourself

21 Give yourself a serious ultimatum

22 Devise a plan

23 Speak

24 Step forward

25 Remember your greatest accomplishments

26 Move toward what you fear

27 Youll grow

28 Turn all your activities into a learning experience

29 Take a dance lesson

30 Understand your own comfort zone

31 Stay true to yourself

32 Ask for something new

33 Compete together

34 Visualize any challenge as a time for you to grow

35 Do some research to get more information

36 Youll become more creative

37 Step outside

38 Mindful action to stretch your comfort zone

39 Initiate your actions

40 Work in complete silence and stillness

41 Find a compelling reason

42 Shake up your routine

43 Embrace the idea that you are unbreakable

44 Do something over-the-top embarrassing to make a fool of yourself

45 Switch up your daily routine drastically

46 Toss a coin

47 Take a different route home

48 Consider other points of view

49 Allow others to decide for you

50 Remember that tomorrow is a new day

51 Publish a book

52 See failure as a teacher

53 Identify how stepping out will benefit you

54 Go on a road trip…with strangers

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