25 Ways to be supportive of someone

1 Be supportive

2 Be patient (dont pressure them)

3 Do offer help

4 Ask for their help

5 Show support with meals

6 Be patient and actively listen

7 Get the person appropriate help

8 Help them identify their triggers

9 Encourage them

10 Avoid making comparisons

11 Make a note of landmarks anniversaries, birthdays, etc

12 Help them to find support

13 Recognize their feelings

14 Understand their boundaries

15 Dont blame them

16 Ask what your partner needs

17 Practice good listening

18 Ask the person what they want to do

19 Give advice only if requested

20 Be there

21 Try a small gesture

22 Realize unhappiness can lead to positive change

23 Help them take a break

24 Notice

25 Listen without trying to fix anything

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