27 Ways to be a supportive wife

1 Stay active

2 Show gratitude and give praise

3 Appreciate him

4 Show physical affection

5 Be supportive

6 Cook dinner

7 Tell each other what you need

8 Get a support group

9 Make sure you take care of yourself

10 Support and encourage her dreams

11 Explain what support means to you

12 Convey honesty and trust

13 Let them talk

14 Discover yourself

15 Ask him how you can help him

16 Be an amazing friend

17 Make a commitment to truly listen to your part

18 Pray with them

19 Consider this a long-haul joint venture

20 Work hard to provide for the family

21 Defend her to othersespecially to your family

22 Giphy

23 Get educated

24 Learn to identify the signs of stress

25 Http

26 Give him opportunities to bond

27 Listen to his suggestions

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