44 Ways to be a better communicator

1 Learn how to listen

2 Be clear and concise

3 Listen with empathy

4 Pay attention to your body language

5 Focus on your audience

6 Prepare in advance

7 Hone your listening skills

8 Display confidence and seriousness

9 Dont interrupt

10 Offer constructive feedback in a thoughtful way

11 Avoid interrupting

12 Use appropriate body language

13 Listen

14 Use your voice wisely

15 Understand your audience

16 Ask for feedback

17 Ask open-ended questions

18 Be humble but humorous

19 Ask for honest feedback

20 Ask for clarification

21 Communicate face-to-face whenever possible

22 Let things go

23 Just be yourself

24 Have an "open door" policy

25 Pick up on nonverbal cues

26 Show them the proper respect

27 Begin with empathy

28 Talk with people, not at people

29 Offer reflective learning opportunities

30 Be consistent, but dont repeat yourself too much

31 Listen more than you speak

32 Offer an actionable takeaway

33 Ask for clarity

34 Give them your full attention

35 Get comfortable with virtual communication

36 Reinforce active listening

37 Become fluent in body language

38 Pay attention to non-verbal communication

39 Determine if your partners needs are being met

40 Animate your voice

41 Celebrate achievements and milestones

42 Communicate more frequently

43 Be mindful of your own body language

44 Listen more, speak less

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