38 Ways to be optimistic

1 Practise gratitude

2 Try focusing on the solution, not the problem

3 Realize that optimism is a cycle

4 Surround yourself with optimists

5 Challenge your negative thoughts

6 Have a positive attitude

7 Practice mindfulness

8 Remain calm and objective

9 Focus on the solution

10 Look for any improvement to the current situation

11 Let things go

12 Nurture a happy lifestyle

13 Look for the silver lining

14 Focus on your success

15 Remind yourself of your blessings

16 Smile as often as you can

17 Take care of yourself

18 Set an attainable goal and note your progress

19 Read inspiring stories

20 Visualize what your future will look like

21 Make someone smile

22 Control your reactions and responses

23 Practice positive affirmations

24 Help your child learn to cultivate optimistic thinking

25 Be a source of positivity for others

26 Conjure up an inner coach

27 Theyre flexible

28 Have a mantra

29 Mind your words

30 Get sweaty

31 Engage in quiet self-care

32 Access spiritual strength

33 Find time to get sweaty

34 Reduce the emotional impact of negative events

35 Dont simply count on good luck

36 Ask yourself questions that let you see the optimistic viewpoint

37 Talk about your goals and dreams

38 Sleep more

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