34 Ways to increase emotional intelligence

1 Develop empathy

2 Self-awareness

3 Self-regulation or self-management

4 Acknowledge your emotions

5 Learn emotional management techniques

6 Stay cool

7 Note your own emotional reactions

8 Help your child recognize their own emotions

9 Emotional intelligence self-assessment

10 Be empathetic

11 Empathize with others

12 Listen

13 Find a way to pause

14 Be trustworthy

15 Practice emotional correctness

16 Learn how to gauge situations accurately by managing stress

17 Listen to your childs feelings

18 Develop emotional awareness

19 Be aware of your effect on others

20 Ai with emotional and social intelligence

21 Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling

22 Ability to bounce back from adversity

23 Stay connected

24 Exhibit impeccable communication

25 Ask more questions

26 Set clear expectations

27 Pay attention to your own emotions

28 Practice mindfulness to develop self-awareness

29 Manage and reduce your negative emotions

30 Solicit different but genuine perspectives from others

31 Reading books

32 Encourage eye contact

33 Theyre curious

34 Feel and express gratitude

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