29 Ways to break bad habits

1 Reward yourself

2 Identify your triggers

3 Go slow and start small

4 Have a plan

5 Reward yourself along the way

6 Avoid cold turkey situations

7 Set reasonable goals

8 Make it attractive

9 Do some exercise

10 Choose your replacement habit

11 Support and reward yourself

12 Focus on one habit at a time

13 Look into the future

14 Forgive yourself

15 Be patient and kind to yourself

16 Record the habit triggers

17 Make it non-obvious (remove cues)

18 Maintain your goals

19 Understand what triggers your bad habits

20 Prepare for setbacks

21 Understand the habit loop

22 Review your list every morning for at least 2 weeks

23 Take ownership and stop bad habits

24 Get yourself a buddy

25 Make new friends

26 Identify the target goal

27 Create barriers to the habit

28 Spending time with your pet

29 Make it unsatisfying

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