35 Ways to be nice to your friends

1 Pay them a compliment

2 Offer up a sincere compliment

3 Listen!

4 Take a genuine interest in others

5 Try to offer help when someone is in need

6 Speak the truth

7 Smile and laugh

8 Be yourself

9 Campus events

10 Give a gift

11 Write a letter

12 Invite potential friends to do something with you

13 Appreciate and compliment them

14 Say please and thank you

15 Get yourself out there

16 Offer a hug or embrace

17 Bake them a delicious treat

18 Accept more invitations

19 Ask them a question

20 Apologize sincerely

21 Tell a boss about a good employee

22 Do someone a favor

23 Cook them a meal

24 Simply be there for them

25 Offer help

26 Good friends accept you for who you are

27 Volunteer together

28 Have loyalty

29 Send a care package to a soldier

30 Feel good about it

31 Send some nice comments on social media

32 Let someone into your lane while driving

33 Open up

34 Hold the elevator door

35 Encourage them during bad times

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