50 Ways to be nice to someone

1 Pleased to meet you

2 Smile and laugh

3 Practice acts of kindness

4 Give a compliment

5 Feel good about it

6 Be yourself!

7 Respect others and their opinions

8 Make your s

9 Listen

10 Be happy

11 Make someone laugh

12 Lend a friend a favorite book/movie

13 Dont be critical

14 Make dinner for a family in need

15 Focus on others

16 Spend quality time with them

17 / /

18 Leave money on a vending machine for someone

19 Be kind to yourself!

20 Treat everyone with respect

21 Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter

22 Be empathetic

23 Mow the lawn for your neighbors

24 Leave a love note

25 Reconnect with an old friend

26 Open up

27 Accept everyone around you

28 Send care packages to soldiers overseas

29 Run errands together

30 Do a random act of kindness together

31 Hold the elevator for someone

32 Mentally prepare yourself

33 Share a hug or a handshake

34 Encourage others

35 Give up your seat on the bus to another person

36 Offer compliments to strangers and friends and family

37 Prepare to listen

38 Thank you, please, and more

39 Tell a boss about a good employee

40 Ask them if they want help

41 Know why you want to end it

42 Let yourself be sad

43 Help someone put groceries in their car

44 Do someone a favor

45 Share your umbrella with someone

46 Send a random thank you email to someone you admire

47 Help someone try something new

48 Be nice, the right way

49 Find your type of humor

50 Say less, listen more

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