38 Ways to be more present in life

1 Practice gratitude

2 Make mindfulness a practice

3 Enjoy the small things

4 Breathe deeply

5 Listen fully

6 Focus on your breathing

7 Slow down to speed up

8 Stop worrying

9 Make eye contact

10 Take time for yourself

11 Feel gratitude

12 Make an authentic connection

13 Focus on one thing

14 Forgive the past

15 Take a meditation moment

16 Eat your meals mindfully

17 Focus on your morning routine

18 Enjoy moments of silence

19 Reduce your distractions

20 Dream about the future, but work hard today

21 Ask them questions

22 Ground yourself outside

23 Incorporate mini meditations into your day

24 Step away from the digital space

25 Keep a predictable schedule

26 Practice your listening skills

27 Wiggle your toes!

28 Try a digital detox

29 Do less

30 Go light on the itinerary

31 Stretch

32 Turn technology off

33 Declutter your calendar

34 Make spaciousness your default

35 Be ok with not being in control of the future

36 Let go of your past

37 Adopt a growth mindset

38 Dont hold on to past successes

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