40 Ways to reduce everyday stress

1 Get adequate sleep

2 Give yourself a massage

3 Breathe deeply

4 Reduce caffeine intake

5 Rank the causes of your stress

6 Consider meditation

7 Practice relaxation techniques

8 Eat well

9 Make time to exercise every day

10 Make a plan

11 Laughter

12 Eat healthy and nutritious foods

13 Express gratitude

14 Focus on the positive

15 Spend time with a pet

16 Stop smoking

17 Get moving!

18 Stay organized

19 Reach for essential oils

20 Drink chamomile tea

21 Take responsibility for your commitments

22 Allow yourself time for quiet, privacy, and relaxation

23 Take a time out

24 Reframe your thinking

25 Get a good nights sleep

26 Take a break to do something you enjoy

27 Listen to soothing sounds

28 Practice mindfulness

29 Find ways to help others

30 Try aromatherapy

31 Spend time with nature

32 Use breathing exercises to relax

33 Take a nap!

34 Percent

35 Incorporate stress-relieving herbs and teas into your daily regimen

36 Review your expectations

37 Music and the sounds of nature

38 Engage in physical activity

39 Invest in social relationships

40 Go for a walk (or get more exercise)

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