36 Ways to be more persuasive

1 Know your audience

2 Use reciprocity to your advantage

3 Be consistent

4 Establish credibility

5 Commitment & consistency

6 Tell a story

7 Provide social proof

8 Acknowledge weaknesses in your position

9 Be comfortable with silence

10 Use authoritative expressions

11 Gather evidence to support your argument

12 Exude enthusiasm & confidence

13 Build a sense of urgency

14 Highlight similarities

15 Include a call to action

16 Know the best ways to use email

17 Scarcity

18 Familiarity

19 Let the other person do most of the talking

20 Figure out why the other person thinks what they do

21 Determine how their beliefs work in their favor

22 Appeal to nobler motives

23 Be dramatic

24 Focus on your best audience

25 Be repetitive

26 Long term game

27 Persuade yourself first

28 Research and build your arguments

29 Have peoples best interest at heart

30 Remember, it is not about winning the argument

31 Be prepared to be persuaded

32 Agree before you disagree

33 Connect

34 Use anger

35 Be likable

36 Arouse people for fun and profit

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