48 Ways to be more mindful

1 Meditation exercises

2 Slowdown

3 Focus on your breath

4 Feel grateful

5 Go for a walk

6 Eat mindfully throughout the day

7 Be consciously present

8 Put your phone away

9 Practice yoga

10 Focus on one thing at a time

11 Find a quiet spot

12 Make use of short, mindful exercises

13 Stop and smell the roses

14 Set mindful reminders

15 Take a deep breath

16 Walk with intention

17 Observe your thoughts and feelings

18 Get calm, not crazy

19 Breathe

20 Practice mindfulness during routine activities

21 Pause between actions

22 Engage your senses

23 Journaling

24 Get outside

25 Create a journal

26 Savor your meals

27 Cook yourself a meal

28 Make your bed in the morning

29 Get some exercise

30 Observe where you are

31 Use a mindfulness app to facilitate consistent practice

32 Pay attention to your body

33 Connect with someone on social media

34 Let stress be your friend

35 Observe the people around you

36 As the day moves along, check-in with yourself

37 Practice self-compassion

38 Take mini mindfulness breaks throughout the day

39 Turn off your devices

40 Take time out when you need it

41 Wake up with purpose

42 Place your palms face up on top of your thighs

43 Space out activities on your calendar

44 Take a moment to stretch

45 Play a sport

46 Adopt a growth mindset

47 Look at yourself in the mirror

48 Meditate (try the release meditation )

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