40 Ways to be a good listener

1 Ask questions

2 Maintain eye contact

3 Refrain from interrupting

4 Practice active listening techniques

5 Acknowledge and empathize

6 Pay attention

7 Avoid or minimize interruptions

8 Put away your phone

9 Give the speaker your full attention

10 Reflect and clarify

11 Let them finish talking before responding

12 Be honest with yourself

13 Make eye contact

14 Take it easy!

15 Pay attention to your talk/listen ratio

16 Empathetically repeat back what you heard

17 Be interested and attentive

18 Remember and follow up

19 Listen to nonverbal messages

20 Keep your body language in check

21 Listen to learn, not to be polite

22 Eliminate all distractions when listening to someone

23 Use body language to communicate your interest

24 Summarise what youve heard with empathy

25 Reassure the person of your confidentiality

26 Observe how often you speak and listen

27 Keep distance from your digital devices

28 Look the speaker in the eyes

29 Listen for feelings

30 Stop thinking about what youll say next

31 Listen to their speech

32 Get rid of distractions

33 Turn off selective hearing

34 Be patient

35 Be in the moment

36 Demonstrate the right nonverbal cues

37 Dont pass judgment

38 Summarize

39 Share

40 Validate theiremotions

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