3 Tips to reduce clutter

In this article, we gather the collective wisdom on de-clutter experts to tackle the menace of clutter in our lives.

1 One thing in, one thing out

Remember that you have limited storage. Whenever you acquire a new thing, you must throw out an existing item. Merely adding storage is a temporary solution. Because then you will end up with storage clutter.

2 Commit to get only the best

If you set your standards high, you do not go looking around for cheap bargains. Nothing wrong with being a spendthrift, but focusing your resources on acquiring only the best is a good strategy to reduce clutter. It avoid repeat purchases of the same kinds of items. Why buy a cheap camera on a deal and then crave a better one every time you get envious of pictures taken by others. If good photos are what you care for, get the best camera that you can afford and then stick with your decision. Why buy too many cheap clothes when you can buy a few good items that complete the wardrobe.

3 Minify your closet

There are two steps to owning a minimalist closet. Deciding how much you need and then making appropriate changes to your wardrobe.

Study your life. How many clothes do you really need? Be reasonable, be practical, be minimal. Build your wardrobe to include only the items that you really need. Count for everything that you do. Underwears, jeans, jackets, shirts, polos, belts, ties, swim gear, sports gear, socks, shoes. Write the actual count based on the typical usage you will unleash on these items. Successful people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have sworn by a daily uniform. You do not have to if that is not your style. But by limiting your choice, or by assigning clothes to days, purposes, and occassions, you can not only conserve your willpower reserves, but also invest on the acquring the best stuff. Make this list of the best stuff and let's call it your ideal wardrobe.

To make changes to your wardrobe, start by inspecting your closet thoroughly. Take your most favorite clothes and put them aside. Take the clothes that you wear on a usual basis and put them aside too. Study what is left. Investigate the leftovers. Any item that you have not used in the last one year, goes out. Any item with noticeable wear and tear that you cannot mend easily goes out, unless wearing tatters is your style. Be merciless. Do not try to convince yourself that you will use them someday. You wont. For other items, the ones that you have used sparingly over the year, make a note to diligently use them over the next year. If you cannot make that commitment, take them out too. Now check off the items in your ideal wardrobe against the ones that you already have. If you have any surplus items, get rid of them. You will be surprised how much stuff you can purge.

Now identify the items that are listed in your ideal wardrobe, but missing in your possession. Put them on your shopping list and acquire only those items. Since retailers want you to buy more than you need, beware of bogo and multi-buy discounts. If you wish to avail such deals, buy and reserve the additional items as gifts for others. Do not let the deals throw you off track.

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