58 Ways to be grateful

1 Send a thank-you note

2 Share your gratitude

3 Keep a gratitude journal

4 Start a gratitude journal

5 Give out compliments

6 Practice random acts of kindness

7 Make a gratitude ritual

8 Give yourself a hug!

9 Gratitude reduces resentment anddepression

10 Give a gratitude gift

11 Share your gratitude around the dinner table

12 Donate to a charity

13 Say please and thank you

14 Give

15 Send thank you cards

16 Gratitude increases your goal achievement

17 Say thank you to someone every day

18 Start with gratitude journal prompts

19 Write handwritten notes of thanks

20 Flash a smile

21 Write a letter

22 Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries

23 Stop comparing, right now

24 Keep it regular

25 Share your gratitude with others

26 Give a little gift

27 Practice kindness

28 Gratitude increases your productivity

29 Be grateful for what you have in hard times

30 Count your blessings, literally

31 Take a gratitude walk

32 Write in a daily gratitude journal

33 Write a gratitude letter or note

34 Be thoughtful of others

35 Raise a happier child

36 Spread gratitude via your social media platforms

37 Make sure to say thank you regularly

38 Share your gratitude at bedtime

39 Write a letter to a loved one

40 Make a habit of thank you

41 Host a gratitude dinner

42 Practice gratitude for the little things

43 Show appreciation to your parents

44 Compliment others daily

45 Find gratitude in your challenges

46 Choose a journal

47 Give kids credit

48 Leave surprises for yourself

49 Subscribe to my newsletter

50 Make a gratitude calendar

51 Thankfulness can improve psychological health and improve mental toughness

52 Tip well for good service

53 Celebrate your wins

54 Unplug and play

55 Do yoga

56 Look for the good in the bad

57 Model contentment

58 Only compare yourself to yourself

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