24 Ways to be a more social person

1 Reach out to friends of friends

2 Offer a compliment or an affirmation

3 Focus on your body language

4 Practice

5 Invite people along

6 Learn from successes as well as mistakes

7 Search for a common interest

8 Ask a question

9 Maintain budding friendships

10 Follow their interests

11 Don't argue about it

12 Spend time with your friend's friends

13 Be happy

14 Have three good stories ready to share

15 Have a friendly, open demeanor

16 Be interested in other people and ask questions

17 Dress up (the right amount)

18 Host a weekly twitter chat

19 Accept as many invitations as you can

20 Set specific, reasonable goals

21 Understand what it means to listen

22 Use social media to your advantage

23 Have quality and keyword rich descriptions

24 Stop…

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