47 Ways to be more social online

1 Use social media

2 Click on the forgot your password link

3 Start a conversation that leads to meeting up

4 Optimize your social media profiles

5 Share more video

6 Make it easy to share

7 Interact with your audience

8 Create high-quality content

9 Explore paid social

10 Include a visual with every post

11 Use hashtags to increase visibility

12 Be entertaining and use humor

13 Choose the right platforms

14 Tell your story

15 Do your research

16 Allow for a social media takeover

17 Remain positive

18 Ask a question

19 Participate in community events

20 Add social links to your email signatures

21 Change and rotate your profile photos and banners

22 Mention them in an update or comment

23 Audience growth/rate of followers

24 Teach a class

25 Interact with influencers in your industry

26 Find social situations and engage

27 Comment on posts on their blog

28 Give fans a reason to follow you

29 Use existing content to draw people to your website

30 Create an editorial calendar

31 Put rules in place for yourself

32 Give

33 Dont force humor

34 Post frequently (and at optimal times)

35 Give compliments freely

36 Get involved

37 Host a monthly brunch

38 Pick up the phone and make a date

39 Chat with strangers

40 Sign up for a class

41 Recognize when you might need help

42 Social sign on

43 Pin a contest on pinterest

44 Promote free shipping

45 Go mobile

46 Have patience

47 Enter your user name and click continue

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