32 Ways to train your mind to be stronger

1 Consider meditation

2 Learn something new

3 Get plenty of sleep

4 Exercise your body

5 Exercise regularly

6 Use visualization

7 Increase caffeine intake

8 Keep an idea journal with you

9 Sleep on it

10 Exercise your bodyfor your brain

11 Develop your confidence

12 Get plenty of sleep to improve memory

13 Take care of yourself

14 Try different learning tactics

15 Participate in yoga

16 Use mind maps to help visualize the problem

17 Make gratitude a priority

18 Get physical exercise

19 Surround yourself with intelligent, positive people

20 Take decisive actions

21 Recognize when your intuition speaks

22 View challenges as opportunities

23 Increase your capacity for pressure

24 Network

25 Seek novelty

26 Allow yourself to power nap

27 Positivity

28 Write down your answers

29 Create top 100 lists

30 Be as descriptive as you can

31 Brainstorm

32 Mind mapping for maximum brain health

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