31 Ways to be less angry

1 Personify your anger

2 Take responsibility for your anger

3 Develop relaxation skills

4 Avoid fatigue

5 Take deep breaths

6 Shift your perspective

7 Re-visit your parenting expectations

8 Breathe deeply

9 Write it down

10 Watch something funny

11 Do something relaxing

12 Change the way you think

13 Put together an anger management plan

14 Ask for a timeout

15 Relate and empathise

16 Repeat a happy mantra

17 Talk to someone

18 Cure resentment with forgiveness

19 Press pause

20 Plan early

21 Get daily exercise

22 Find workable solutions

23 Take responsibility

24 Distract yourself

25 Catch it early

26 Get

27 Turn on some tunes

28 Recite positive affirmations

29 Use a stress-relief tool

30 Retrain the brain

31 Use your anger as motivation to make a change

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