44 Ways to be good at conversation

1 Give a compliment

2 Ask open ended questions

3 Listen actively

4 Listen

5 Ask hypothetical questions

6 Speak slowly

7 Demonstrate sincere interest

8 Be nice

9 Ask for an opinion or advice

10 Conversation creates connection

11 Simply introduce yourself

12 Watch your body language

13 Let go of the outcome

14 Look for opportunities to make small talk

15 Now take the conversation to a deeper level

16 Start the conversation positively

17 Avoid uncomfortable topics and talking too much

18 Do what you can to help

19 Avoid small talk

20 Know what things to talk about with a girl

21 Be fully present

22 Make plans for the future

23 Dont be scared by silence

24 Be transparent

25 Keep conversations focused on them

26 Just keep going

27 Be interested and interesting

28 If you dont know, say that you dont know

29 Approach the conversation with an open mind

30 Criticize others

31 Make an observation

32 Use interesting discussion starters

33 Be socially generous

34 Know your audience

35 Try not to repeat yourself

36 Stay out of the details

37 Be brief

38 Find the right balance with eye contact

39 Dig deeper into what they share

40 Dont multitask

41 Dont pontificate

42 Dont equate your experience with theirs

43 Use a prop

44 Have you ever given a

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