30 Ways to be active and energetic all day

1 Do some exercise

2 Start your day with exercise

3 Drink water

4 Consume a small amount of caffeine

5 Take a short nap

6 Take a power nap

7 Exercise daily

8 Eat well and regularly

9 Drink plenty of water

10 Get lots of sleep

11 Have a healthy breakfast

12 Leave your desk

13 Animal movement activity dice

14 Find a puppy socialization program

15 Give yourself a break

16 Get social

17 Stick to a sleep schedule

18 Feel more awake by shaking up your lunch routine

19 Limit alcohol and smoking

20 Open your curtains

21 Try a natural body cleanse

22 Eat more herbs

23 Cottage cheese

24 Embrace the great outdoors

25 Eat chocolate

26 Go for complex carbs

27 Stretch it out

28 Take a few deep breaths

29 Add a house plant

30 Change the temperature

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