43 Ways to be energetic all day

1 Get lots of sleep

2 Exercise

3 Drink water

4 Take a power nap

5 Keep yourself well hydrated

6 Listen to fast-paced music

7 Eat with energy in mind

8 Drink plenty of water

9 Have a healthy breakfast

10 Eat well and regularly

11 Get social

12 Have a regular exercise routine

13 Get active and exercise

14 Stick to a regular sleep schedule

15 Limit alcohol

16 Let the sunshine in

17 Take some time to stretch it out

18 Catch some rays

19 Give yourself a break

20 Meditation - increased focus

21 Leave your desk

22 Opt for healthy protein

23 Eat some chocolate

24 Open your curtains

25 Build a reserve

26 Drink green tea, or rooibos tea

27 Modify your morning shower

28 Sweet potatoes

29 Vitamin b1

30 Drink some coffee

31 Go for complex carbs

32 Suck on something

33 Take a cold shower

34 Take a few deep breaths

35 Add a house plant

36 Change the temperature

37 Eat healthy foods

38 Try tai chi

39 Talk to friends

40 Get something done

41 Do not use food

42 Nourish yourself

43 Set aside time to meditate

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