29 Ways to be good at small talk

1 Give someone a compliment

2 Pay attention to body language

3 Listen

4 Ask a question

5 Be aware and observant

6 Listen carefully

7 Start with small talk

8 Be curious

9 Reveal something slightly personal about yourself

10 Ask for help / advice

11 Drop a compliment

12 Be first to introduce yourself

13 Look for stories, not answers

14 Entertainment settings

15 Make sure you look interested

16 Be cheekily honest

17 Come prepared

18 Ask for their opinion on something

19 Ask meaningful questions

20 Keep calm and carry on

21 Avoid standard conversation starters

22 Do some homework

23 Story if you can tell a story, thats good

24 Be willing to learn

25 Give longer answers than you usually would

26 Work

27 News and current events

28 I noticed that you _____

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