109 Ways to be in love with yourself

1 Be yourself

2 Be gentle with yourself

3 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

4 Give yourself a compliment

5 Learn something new

6 Take care of your body

7 Write yourself a love letter

8 Love yourself

9 Trust yourself

10 Stop comparing yourself with others

11 Cultivate self-gratitude

12 Have fun!

13 Be grateful

14 Surround yourself with loving people

15 Give yourself a break

16 Try something new

17 Practice self-care

18 Do mirror work

19 Let go of the past, live in the present

20 Support yourself with positive affirmations

21 Step out of your comfort zone

22 Smile like you mean it!

23 Get outside

24 Ask for help when you need it

25 Get out there and exercise

26 Get to know yourself more

27 Give yourself credit where credit is due

28 Show compassion for yourself

29 Communicate with your inner self

30 Become your own best friend

31 Breathe deeply

32 Stand up for yourself

33 Allow yourself some downtime

34 Acknowledge your feelings

35 Do what you love

36 Volunteer and help others

37 Create a list of the things you love about yourself

38 Tell yourself that you are enough

39 Find something at which you excel

40 Do something good for somebody else

41 Give out love and accept love

42 Repeat a final mantra of love

43 Drink lots of water

44 Speak what is on your mind

45 Be kind and positive

46 Keep promises to yourself

47 Keep a happiness journal

48 Live a life you are proud of

49 Create healthy relationships

50 Exercise & eat well

51 Take time each day for yourself by yourself

52 Give yourself the space to feel your emotions

53 Acquire a new skill

54 Sleep in or nap

55 Take up journaling

56 Do your best to eat healthily

57 Do things that make you feel good

58 Hug like you mean it

59 Stop comparing yourself

60 Do your best to exercise regularly

61 Practice an optimistic attitude

62 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

63 Express gratitude for life

64 Plan a tripto somewhere youve never been

65 Surround yourself with people you feel good with

66 Go for a massage and enjoy every minute of it

67 Practice gratitude for yourself and your body

68 Soak in a bubble bath

69 Give yourself permission to love your body

70 Meditate at the beginning of each day

71 Write something

72 Shift your mindset

73 Start a journal

74 Go to the movies—alone

75 Learn more about something you have an interest in

76 Talk to the mirror

77 Remove expectations and deadlines

78 …and that goes for nutrition off the plate as well

79 Invest in your most fulfilling relationships

80 Get enough sleep

81 Guard your heart, but be open

82 Be mindful when you scroll through social media

83 Recognize your feelings and give yourself time

84 Play

85 Spend time with the right people

86 Be kind to your mind

87 Be loving to your negatives

88 Freshen up your space and feel energized

89 I feel happiest when im ___

90 List the favorite parts of your appearance

91 Do things you like

92 Do things differently

93 Try a different exercise routine

94 Brush your teeth with a different hand

95 Take a different path to work

96 Spend time with friends you havent seen in a while

97 Practice smiling more

98 Start meditation if you havent already

99 List your qualities

100 Surprise yourself

101 Cook homemade meals

102 Give yourself a treat

103 Work on forgiving yourself for the bigger stuff

104 Make fun a priority

105 Write down your successes

106 Pursue a hobby

107 Eat healthy…no fast or processed foods

108 Dont just work organize

109 Brain dump

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