25 Ways to be honest

1 Honesty attracts honesty

2 Be truthful to yourself

3 Dont embellish

4 Speak the truth

5 Honesty fosters a connection

6 Stay focused

7 Keep your commitments

8 Look for honest friends

9 Take responsibility

10 Model the truth

11 Stick to the facts

12 Understand your feelings

13 Create the space

14 Train your child to speak the whole truth

15 Figure out why you lie and who you lie to

16 Accept the consequence and decide to face them

17 Pay attention to your environment

18 Dont ever regret being honest

19 Change your habits

20 Be the best version of yourself

21 Stop impressing others

22 Avoid liars

23 Create opportunities for improvement

24 Consider therapy

25 Forgive yourself

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