73 Ways to be a more fun person

1 Smile and laugh

2 Listen!

3 Learn something new

4 Be happy

5 Display a sense of humor

6 Volunteer together

7 Practice random acts of kindness

8 Go grocery shopping together

9 Make your s

10 Dont complain

11 Be open

12 Have three good stories ready to share

13 Write a short story

14 Take a cooking class

15 Be somewhere interesting

16 Embrace your innate weirdness

17 Pay compliments

18 Take an improv class

19 Spend time with other interesting people

20 Go on a scavenger hunt

21 Go for a hike

22 Start a vegetable garden

23 Change up how you initiate sex

24 Go bird-watching

25 Have a dance party

26 Start a journal or blog

27 Make time for others

28 Have a diy spa day

29 Be your most authentic self

30 Join a team sport

31 Find your type of humor

32 Go on a walking tour of your town

33 Teach them how to do something new

34 Make date night active night

35 Plan a dinner party

36 Become more resourceful

37 Remember peoples names

38 Make a shopping list

39 Try to see the funny side to almost everything

40 Bake together

41 Slow down, take time to smile

42 Leave a love note

43 Pursue a passion

44 Decorate the house for

45 Watch more stand up & comedies

46 Give compliments freely

47 Sign up for a class

48 Have you ever given a

49 Dont let your heart take it so seriously

50 Go to no-cost museum and zoo days

51 Do a photography challenge

52 Expect nothing

53 Take a chance

54 Learn how to tell a good story

55 Listen and show compassion

56 Ask good questions

57 Say what you think

58 Follow your interests

59 Read a lot

60 Dig deep into one of your interests

61 Be unconventional

62 Open up to people

63 Run with a different crowd

64 Skill set

65 Say please and thank you

66 Do you feel like a leader or a follower?

67 Help your friend embrace her inner light

68 Share what you discover

69 Set aside time to meditate

70 Take some time to stretch it out

71 Shop

72 Go for a jog

73 Set some positive goals

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