62 Ways to be successful in your life

1 Be honest with yourself

2 Start living your dreams

3 Show gratitude

4 Get rid of distractions

5 Build your digital network

6 Learn

7 Work harder

8 Give up your excuses

9 Reading

10 Believe and trust yourself

11 Be kind to others

12 Manage your finances

13 Be focused

14 Change your perspective

15 Make your willpower stronger

16 Promote positive thinking

17 Wake up early

18 Find your mentors

19 Optimism and positivity

20 Get organised

21 Maintain a gratitude journal

22 Identify your passions

23 Develop a growth mindset

24 Find time to meditate

25 Be specific and open-minded

26 Have a plan

27 Develop good money habits

28 Be passionate

29 Network, network, network

30 Keep things simple

31 Be strong emotionally

32 Identify with your goals

33 Get help and give help

34 Carve out some alone time

35 Start taking care of your health

36 Sleep long enough

37 Try to channelize your emotions

38 Make time for self-care

39 Work on becoming a better person

40 Surround yourself with optimistic people

41 Never eliminate

42 Do love spells backfire?

43 Improve your basic social skills

44 Break big tasks into smaller chunks

45 Exercise

46 Single-tasking

47 Conquer your limiting beliefs

48 Embrace discomfort

49 Review any new information youve learned on the same day

50 Give up on playing small

51 Give up the fixed mindset

52 Give up believing in the magic bullet

53 Give up multi-tasking

54 Give up your need to control everything

55 Give up the toxic people

56 Include exercise in your routine

57 Provide teens with quality mentors

58 Start creating better goals

59 Stop looking for validation

60 Stop looking for a mentor

61 Stop blocking yourself

62 Wake up 30 minutes before everyone else

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