31 Ways to find inspiration

1 Take walks

2 Try something new

3 Talk to other human beings

4 Spend time reading

5 Learn something new

6 Get some sleep

7 Stay positive

8 Practice gratitude

9 Know what inspires you

10 Get some exercise

11 Connect with someone on facebook

12 Watch a ted video that inspires

13 Chat up family, friends, and coworkers

14 Use google adwords keyword planner research tool

15 Find inspiration in nature

16 Use an image-finding service

17 Collaborate with a friend

18 Celebrate past wins

19 Pinterest

20 Play

21 Do free writing on a chosen topic

22 Let the events goals generate theme ideas

23 Disconnect once in a while

24 Read any book for a minimum of 20 minutes

25 Visit a gallery or museum

26 Read a biography

27 Listen to music

28 Learn by copying

29 Harmony

30 Pitch

31 Timbre

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