56 Ways to be creative

1 Appreciate new ideas

2 Walk

3 Let yourself daydream

4 Take a nap

5 Take a break

6 Make time to relax

7 Change up your routine

8 Make things moveable

9 Meet someone new

10 Get some class

11 Play

12 Be open to new experiences

13 Take some risks

14 Make the strange familiar

15 Have a good laugh

16 Get inspired!

17 Give yourself a deadline

18 Read!

19 Take a break from the mundane

20 Create a vision board

21 Seek out inspiration

22 Experience things outside your comfort zone

23 Ask, “what might have been?”

24 Quire – unfold your ideas

25 Write morning pages

26 Eat something new for breakfast

27 Become one with nature

28 Listen to stimulating music

29 Recognize multiple solutions

30 Draw an abstract symbol that best represents the problem

31 Keep an ideas notebook

32 Make a mind map

33 Get up early

34 Try walking, especially in nature

35 Use the power of silence

36 Make time for creativity

37 See with fresh eyes

38 Help somebody elses idea happen

39 Overcome a negative attitude

40 Get someone elses opinion

41 Frame your project with a theme

42 Check out the competition

43 Admire surrealism

44 Balance order and chaos

45 Listen to a podcast

46 Stimulate different areas of your brain

47 Take a trip

48 Have a mentor

49 Make mistakes

50 Combine opposites

51 Be instead of do

52 Daydream, and then get back to work

53 Dont brainstorm

54 Create a fun & messy workspace

55 Make a terrarium

56 Set aside a time every day to daydream

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