22 Ways to simplify life

Simplification is one of the key ideas behind a happier and more productive life. Complexity not only makes us ineffective, but also increases anxiety, frustration, and depression. Take a look at this comprehensive list of ways to simplify your life.

1 Live closer to work

Shorter commutes mean more time spent doing things that make you happy. Nobody every said they cherish their long commutes. It also means savings in terms of time, fuel, and energy.

2 Leave time buffers

Leaving ample time buffers between tasks, appointments, and routines ensures that you are never rushing from one task to another. It also ensures that any overflows are easily handled with poise and no frustration.

3 Adopt minimalism

The fewer things you have to worry about, the better. Buy less, but good stuff. Do less, but great work. Connect with fewer people, but connect at a deeper level.

4 Simplify travel

Make traveling more fun by simplifying it. Carry less, explore more, do more.

5 Simplify finances

Simplify financial life to always be on top of your finances. Automatically pay bills, direct deposit paychecks, automatically invest on schedule, and utilize exchange traded funds for less guesswork.

6 Automate

Automate anything and everything you can. Why do something when you can have a machine do it for you? Especially, if it is a chore. With the advent of artificial intelligence, more things are automable. Use it to your advantage. Check out our tips to automate your life.

7 Simplify online life

Our generation, and the ones after it, are going to spend a lot of their time online. Simplify online life simplify-online-life for getting more out of it.

8 Make things easy to maintain

Life and the many things that are part of it need maintenance. The easier you make them to maintain, the simpler your life will be.

9 Have fun times everyday

You do not live to work. You work to live. So sprinkle some time for pleasure every day, even when you are extremely busy.

10 Focus on quality

Minimalism does not mean cheap. High quality purchases. Deeper relationships. Maintain higher standards for the things you do.

11 Read simplification books

Read Walden by Thoreau and Simplify your life by Elaine st. James to guide your quest for simplicity in life.

12 Learn to do nothing

Find times during the day when you do not do anything. Absolutely nothing.

13 Create rituals and routines

Make most tasks you do on a daily basis second nature. Rituals and routines let your brain utilize its decision-making abilities for other more important tasks.

14 Focus on most important task for the day

Just have one big important task for a day and focus on that till it gets done. What's the point of having a lengthy TODO list that does not get anything done?

15 Single-task

Claims of multi-tasking are a lie. It is impossible to focus on two things at a time. Even computers do not multi-task, they switch between jobs. Start focusing on single task till it gets done.

16 Simplify your goals

Keep reasonable, measurable goals that can be broken down into baby steps.

17 Find creative outlets

Find time for creation. Human mind revels in creation and there is only so much passive consumption you can do. Write, draw, paint, create music, weave, stitch, be a gardener, do woodwork, build something amazing with your hands.

18 Learn to cope with stress

Stress is a staple of life, but you do not have to live with it. Cope with it with our list of many ways you can deal with stress.

19 Meditate

Sit down. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breath and the heaving abdominal muscles and chest.

20 Slow-down

Walk slowly. Serve food slowly. Do everything you do slowly. Cherish every moment you are doing something. This will also help you get into the habit of being in the moment.

21 Stay organized

Knowing where every bit of your things are leads to significant simplicity and lesser frustration. If you have already embraced minimalism, organizing your stuff becomes even easier.

22 Limit choices

Every time you make a choice, you are depleting your willpower reserves, and willpower has been proven to be a finite resource. By constraining your choices you are limiting the reduction in willpower that happens for mundane tasks. Have one of each thing that you need, not more. Either stick to a uniform for daily wear, or assign your clothes by the days so that there is no choice involved in the morning. Since shopping is known to be a ego-depleting and willpower draining activity limit the days you shop. Except for regular groceries, set a single day to shop for the entire year and burn through all your budget and willpower on that day. Black Friday or Cyber Monday are great options for those in the United States.

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