54 Ways to be more present in the moment

1 Make mindfulness a practice

2 Try meditation

3 Avoid worrying

4 Take a deep breath

5 Focus on your breath

6 Feel gratitude

7 Observe your surroundings

8 Forgive the past

9 Enjoy the small things

10 Notice your body

11 Practice random acts of kindness

12 Say hello!

13 Dream about the future, but work hard today

14 Redirect your mind when it wanders

15 Create meaningful rituals

16 Learn how to meditate

17 Reflect on the love in your life

18 Make eye contact

19 Focus on one thing at a time

20 Change up your routine

21 Sit with your pet

22 Focus on a single item near you

23 Use goal visualization

24 Practice meditation , and being mindful

25 Enjoy the job you do

26 Lose yourself in the flow

27 Spend time with friends, just having fun

28 Mindfulness can be a refuge for the therapist

29 Be consciously present

30 Slow down to speed up

31 Adopt minimalism

32 Avoid judging the present situation

33 Establish real connections

34 Take a sensory walk

35 Make spaciousness your default

36 Learn how to mono-task

37 Conduct mental check-ins

38 Create a step back alarm

39 Silence your notifications

40 Keep a diary

41 Set a morning routine

42 Find pockets of pauses

43 Get rid of distractions during conversations

44 Eat mindfully

45 Take a friend to lunch

46 Save some of those social media posts for later

47 Do kind things for others

48 Surrender to the emotion that is already there

49 Adopt a sense of child-like wonder

50 Pinch your arm

51 Drink a beer or two

52 Improve your physical and mental energy

53 Cleaning as meditation

54 Release judgement of your thoughts

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