27 Ways to be enough for yourself

1 Be yourself

2 Practice gratitude for what you have

3 Give yourself a break

4 Accept yourself for who you are

5 Respect yourself

6 Become financially independent

7 Spend time outside

8 Celebrate your wins

9 Find your passion and cultivate it

10 Celebrate!

11 Focus on kindness and helping others

12 Dance around

13 Be alone together

14 Youre grateful

15 Give yourself credit where credit is due

16 Be aware & be positive

17 Make a list of your accomplishments

18 Engage in self-care

19 Be self-motivated

20 Stop comparing yourself to other people

21 Be kind to yourself

22 Keep a journal

23 Talk to the mirror

24 Avoid salty foods

25 Talk to yourself

26 Rest

27 Accept the world

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