42 Ways to be satisfied with your life

1 Be grateful

2 Get some exercise

3 Believe you can be happy

4 See the positive side of things

5 Get plenty of sleep

6 Be comfortable with who you are

7 Connect with people

8 Forgive

9 Forget the past

10 Smile more

11 Let go of the past

12 Clean as you go

13 Forget procrastination

14 Accept themselves and others for what they are

15 Practice gratitude for what you have

16 Appreciate the things you have

17 Perform a random act of kindness

18 Create a gratitude journal

19 Be of service to others

20 Determine what happiness will look like for you

21 Let yourself love anyway

22 Explore meditation

23 Take responsibility for your actions

24 Accept loved ones for who they are

25 Living in the moment

26 Work on it

27 Make your own happiness a priority

28 Practice being grateful every day

29 Keep a gratitude journal

30 Make it a goal to do less, not more

31 Go to somewhere new in nature

32 Let yourself rest

33 Give up on your fears

34 Build your self-esteem

35 Show people you appreciate them

36 Maybe consume caffeine

37 Dont put too much pressure on yourself

38 Give your dream a chance and go for it

39 Keep learning

40 Watch the birds

41 Get a massage

42 See friends

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