53 Ways to motivate others

1 Give praise and rewards

2 Celebrate achievements

3 Express gratitude

4 Be consistent

5 Recognize the outstanding performers in the group

6 Be positive

7 Communicate with your team

8 Have fun!

9 Trust your people

10 Celebrate each success

11 Praise in public

12 Give them a purpose

13 Be kind to them

14 Empower team members

15 Support new ideas

16 Encourage creativity

17 Be transparent

18 Break tasks down into small steps

19 Get to know, trust, and appreciate your team

20 Encourage development

21 Do some exercise

22 Make sure everyone gets a mentor

23 Envision and share positive outcomes

24 Create a social calendar or events board so employees

25 Recognize accomplishments regularly

26 Be there to listen & provide feedback

27 Encourage healthy competition

28 Learn to understand what motivates you

29 Praise them for work well-done

30 Make clear expectations of what you expect from

31 Get motivation from the people in your life

32 Start with smaller and achievable goals

33 Offer a helping hand

34 Allow flexibility as much as possible

35 Give your team autonomy

36 Show them that you care

37 Be optimistic and positive

38 Provide a sense of security

39 Make sure there is a good working environment

40 Change locations

41 Figure out your why

42 Offer small, consistent rewards

43 Communicate in a positive way

44 Reward it soon after you see it

45 Have an open door

46 Help staff achieve work / life balance

47 Set a good example

48 Start very small and begin to build

49 Talk to each person

50 Use team building activities

51 Focus on intrinsic (not extrinsic) rewards

52 Give your team questions, not answers

53 Make a plan

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