27 Ways to be less selfish

1 Selfish people are uncaring towards others

2 Take the time to really listen

3 Let others decide what to do

4 Give your parents a call

5 Self care brings out the best in you

6 Put your needs last

7 Be a really good listener

8 Practice empathy

9 Spend time with your pet

10 Engage in some give-and-take

11 Praise a generous heart

12 Motivation stems from self care

13 Set an example

14 Donate some of your money

15 Keep practicing self-love

16 Enjoy giving the other the spotlight

17 Start performing random acts of kindness every day

18 Listen

19 Stop being the control freak

20 Recognize your biases

21 Give a little

22 Clean up after yourself and others

23 Say no more often

24 Sacrifice your spotlight

25 Reach out

26 Stop talking about yourself

27 Thank people

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