8 Ways to make money with online tutoring and coaching

Similar to teaching online courses, this involves helping out students, entrepreneurs and other amateurs in their fields with the expertise you have built over the years.

1 Brainmass

BrainMass BrainMass pays experts for assisting university, college and high-school students. There are requirements to be met to be considered an expert in an area and also a test to appear before you can start assisting students.

2 Clarity

Clarity You sell business advice to entrepreneurs. You must have an updated LinkedIn profile and you can set your own rates. Note that Clarity has several celebrity experts that people can pay to get advice from such as Mark Cuban, and Eric Reis. Clarity takes a 15% of the sale you generate and you get the rest.

3 Createpool

CreatePool You do not really teach a course, but provide advice on questions in areas related to programming, academics, auto repair and legal advice, among other categories.

4 Ether

Ether They take 15% of the commission, just like Clarity and allow you to offer advice through phone, email, or through your website.

5 Expertory

Expertory You sell your knowledge through online video chats. You get to decide how much to charge, and when and where to schedule the call.

6 Helpouts

Helpouts by Google Similar to other advice and expertise sites, Google takes 20% of the fee. The payments are made via Google Wallet.

7 Liveperson


8 Maven

Maven It is a micro-consulting platform where you set a hourly consulting rate and questions are sent to your with their matchup feature. The payments can be made via paypal, check or direct deposit.

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