8 Ways to make money as a virtual assistant

There are lot of people who have too much to do in a day, who would rather hand it over to an assistant. Since many of the tasks can be done remotely, it makes sense for them to shell out some cash for recruiting virtual assistants, or VAs, as they are usually called. This money making industry has been around for a while with many websites where you can offer your services.

1 Elance or odesk (now upwork)

Elance or oDesk (now Upwork) is one of the largest platforms for freelance workers, currently over 2 Million verified contract professionals.

2 Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit Although they specialize in offering local virtual assistants, they have some limited opportunities to work remotely and make money online.

3 Craigslist

Craigslist Not really an online virtual assistant mechanism but it has been around for a while and people do tend to sell their gigs here.

4 Vanetworking

VANetworking This is a networking site for Virtual Assistants (VA), but also allows potential clients to publish tasks.

5 Wahm

WAHM WAHM stands for "Work at Home Moms" and allows remote work. But do not go by the name, they do not care about your gender or whether you have kids to be eligible for the role. ]

6 Peopleperhour

PeoplePerHour It has been around for some time and built a reputation. You set your rate, and list your services and let customers come to you for their tasks.

7 Zirtual

Zirtual Earlier an invitation only site, it now allows anyone to join. They only accept applications from US residents and pay $10 per hour for part-time work.

8 Hiremymom

HireMyMom Although the reviews are positive, they charge you an entry fee to join their listing.

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