7 Tips to write a personal mission statement

Personal mission statements can help you navigate the uncertainties of life. Writing a personal mission statements is also one of the key takeaways from 7 habits of highly effective people book. It can keep you on track to achieve your goals in life. In this article, we have gathered some important tips for you to write your personal mission statement. Once you have understood these tips, do head out to our collection of some popular personal mission statements by great individuals.

Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission — Zig Zagler

1 Take your time

Do not expect to write your mission statement overnight. It takes years to define who you are. If your mission statement is going to be your guiding light, it will evolve with you. With your maturity and understanding of the world. With the discovery of yourself. But it does not hurt to get started drafting one right away. Just do not assume that your work is done.

2 Be honest about yourself

This is one time when you absolutely have to be true to yourself. You really have to understand who you really are. What defines you? What makes you happy? What are you willing to fight for? What do you truly believe? If these values and core beliefs are something you treasure, you must make them part of your constitution by including them in your mission statement.

3 State your goals clearly

Think about many years from now. What would have like to have accomplished by then? Even if you are in your twenties, think about when you are in your seventies. What would you regret doing, and what would provide you with a sense of attainment? A personal mission statement be based on the goals that you set for yourself.

4 Imagine your funeral

If you were eavesdropping on your own funeral, what would you like everyone to say about you? How would you like others to describe you? Shape you mission statement to reflect that person who you would like to hear about at your funeral.

5 Make every word count

Keep your mission statement short. That makes it easy to review it quickly. Shorter but self-contained. Sure, you can have deeper explanations of your purpose, values, and principles in the appendix, but keep the mission statement concise.

6 Consider all your roles

Each of us takes of many roles through life. Employee, manager, parent, spouse, sibling, child, and many more. It is crucial that you consider all your roles and responsibilities in building up a mission statement, so that can do justice to each of these roles. If you cannot, you should at least know the sacrifices that you are going to make should such situations arise.

7 Define your values and core-beliefs

Every mission statement should reflect the core values and beliefs that a person stands for. Select from our extensive list of core-beliefs and values to define your own mission statement.

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